“Swim” (Ft. Zefire) By HER

The Who: Her (France)

The What: Victor Solf and Simon Carpentier truly do specialize in a precise kind of sexy time: it’s a minimalist’s take on R&B and soul that hovers beneath the delicately crushing weight of love, sex and passion so you may want to keep a cigarette (or vape) handy. Under the moniker Her, the duo occupy the sacred space of unashamed and unrestrained sensual reverence for the feminine, as if it were a divine thing. Oh wait…it is.

“Swim against, against the tide / Walk against, against the flow” 

“SWIM” comes from their new EP, Her Tape #2, and shifts and expands their musical focus to encompass signs of the strange times that we’re living in, as well as a sleek funky gospel groove. With French actress Diane Rouxel as a striking and formidable Joan of Arc, what we’re dealing with is an ode to the inherent power and strength of woman. Women. “We’re living in troubled times marked by renewed violence, social regression and the rise of extremism.” says Solf. Unsurprisingly, protests like the International Women’s Marches heavily influenced the vision for this arresting video which was directed by Liswaya (former Artistic Director for Dior, Louis Vuitton, and Cartier). We dig it and think you will, too.

The Where: Her has some upcoming European and US tour dates on the books, so keep up with the duo via their Facebook page as well as at @TheBandHer on Twitter.