“Sweet Disaster” By Dreamers

The Who: Dreamers (Los Angeles, CA)

The What: Wow, Dreamers. Just wow.

Since relocating from the east coast to the west, Nick Wold, Nelson and Jacob Wick seem to have made themselves quite comfortable in the land of make believe aka Los Angeles; we’re glad to have them here, and – apparently – they know how to make damned good/hilarious use of their local surroundings and did just that to make a video for their hit, “Sweet Disaster”:

“The video for ‘Sweet Disaster’ is an homage to the cult classic, Clerks, with a tripped out dream experience.” Nick explains. “We filmed it all night at a corner store in Echo Park, LA; Nelson, Jacob and the lovely Marissa Luck play the store clerks, and I play all the customers. With all the serious stuff going on in the world we wanted to use the video to escape reality, and hopefully laugh for a few minutes. The video is about the inner mind of all dreamers, as they live out their own sweet disasters in every day life.”

We always have the backs of the bands we love and that goes without saying for Dreamers, but we’re going to send out a few extra good thoughts for Nick, Nelson and Jacob that this music thing continues to go well because – clearly – there’s no future for them in retail.

The Where: Dreamers are currently on the road with The Griswolds so, after you’ve stopped laughing (did they just momentarily trip out on Star Wars?), head to their official websiteFacebook page or at @DREAMERSjoinus on Twitter to see what (and where) they’re up to!