“Kanye’s In My Head” By Boy Epic

The Who: Boy Epic (Dallas, TX/ Los Angeles, CA)

The What: Perhaps more of a headspace than a physical state of being, Boy Epic has an issue or two to contend with as you can clearly see in his latest video venture/adventure, “Kanye’s In My Head.” But it’s nothing that his cinematic pop noir-ish sound hyped by some clever/creepy/comical/comic book/Nightmare Before Christmas-ish animations can’t fix…or at least make good stylistic use of. Yes, that is a stuffed panda bear but focus, people. What the song and video make clear (as mud) is the presence of a manic internal push and pull, one as physical as it is emotional…and the fact that Boy Epic can sing his ass off.

At the end of the day, “Kanye’s In My Head” is a dramatic, artful and edgy visage of perfectly weird storytelling from the intensely hardwired brain of Boy Epic. He did say that in no way is this a true story, right? Right.

The Where: On April 7th, look for the release of his debut EP, Everyone’s Strange, (out on Hollywood Records), but in the meantime discover and keep up with all things Boy Epic via the usual suspect places like his Facebook page, at @BoyEpic on Twitter and source some of his previous musical goods such as covering A Great Big World’s “Say Something” in 2014 and Christina Perri’s “Human” on his YouTube channel.