Introducing…Aly Ryan

Who is Aly Ryan? We’re all about to find out.

Fresh on the heels of releasing her first single, “Headed for Heartbreak,” The 20 year young singer-songwriter will get to show and showcase her talents opening for the extraordinary Zane Carney (from the band CARNEY) on Thursday January 26th at the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles. With a big voice and a story to tell, Ryan has settled in Los Angeles in order to make her music dreams come true. In the meantime, get to know a little more about Ryan…and how she met Zane Carney…

High Voltage: You bounced around a few schools in Europe but where are you originally from?
Aly Ryan: I’m originally from Germany.

HV: Our school years can be notoriously tough as a child or young adult, from simply feeling like we don’t fit in to outright bullying. You had some experience with that and music became something of a safety net for you, which makes you a perfect example of how important the arts are in schools. What did participating in your school’s choir give you that you really needed?
Aly: The best thing that came from that was that my choir teacher asked me to move in with her after a few months. I still live with her. She’s like a mom to me.

HV: I’m always curious about this: was there a particular or specific moment in your life when you realized that you could sing? And I mean more than just carry a tune or hold a note, but could really sing, really well.
Aly: Yes, that was when I was about 9 years old and I sang a rendition to my parents of a famous German song. I could sing it just like the singer. That definitely was a realization.

HV: That’s pretty impressive. When did you officially move to Los Angeles and how has the LA living been compared to life in Europe?
Aly: I moved to L.A when I was 16. Well, for one thing the weather is much better in California so that’s actually really important to me. But also the people are more open and welcoming, I feel.

HV: That’s really refreshing to hear; ‘open and welcoming’ aren’t usually words I hear describing LA! So no matter your pursuit – be it music, acting, videography, painting – one of the biggest selling points for an artist to come to LA is being in such close proximity to other artists to work or collaborate with, to see perform and to perform with. Case in point, you’re opening for the fantastic Zane Carney at the El Rey here in Los Angeles. Lovely venue, lovely guy. How did you wind up on the bill?
Aly: He actually found me on Instagram and asked if I could do a show with him. He also told me he’s legit and that I should Google him, so I did. We ended up meeting up at Starbucks and planning the El Rey show together.

HV: Well, considering that John Mayer discovered him on YouTube, that makes perfect sense. Your very first single “Headed For Heartbreak” is somewhat unusual for a debut in that it’s as simple as can be: nothing but voice and guitar. When it comes to your full album, what should we expect from it, in terms of style, genre or musicality?
Aly: Yes, I wanted to put out something raw and unedited. “Headed For Heartbreak” is actually a one take vocal and one take guitar. I wanna keep the full album a surprise so I don’t wanna say much but stay tuned to my Spotify page for a hopefully soon release!

HV: Fair enough. 2017 has barely begun; what does the rest of the year look like for you? Is there anything in particular that you’re looking forward to?
Aly: Yes, I’m looking forward to putting out more music! I will be working on my album and release something new soon!