The Regrettes (The Echo)

The Echo | Los Angeles | January 13, 2017 | Photo Credit: ZB Images

Upon entering the Los Angeles venue the Echo, you got the feeling that The Regrettes were in a festive mood. Balloons: Check. Streamers: Check. Photo booth: Check. Cake and party hats: Check. After all, it was Friday the 13th, their pretty damned excellent debut album (Feel Your Feelings Fool! out via Warner Bros.), was let loose into the wild, and it was the Los Angeles quartet’s official album release party (check our review HERE). It was a sold out affair that seemed like a dream realized for Lydia Night (vox/guitar), Genessa Gariano (guitar), Sage Chavis (bass) and Maxx Morando (drums) and yet only just the beginning for the young rockers who dutifully ripped though album standouts like “Seashore,” “Hot,” “A Living Human Girl,” and “Hey Now” along with a spirited rendition of “Ballroom Blitz.” Night served as a gracious hostess entering the raucous all-ages crowd for a dance and even sprinkling a little love and punk rock pixie dust on a brewing scuffle in the front row.

And a shout out to the cluster of adults in the back of the room in semi-supervision mode as even they rocked out to the tunes. I saw you and I applaud you.