“It’s How I Feel (Free)” By Leopold And His Fiction

The Who: Leopold and His Fiction (Austin, TX)

The What: The new album from Daniel Leopold and his trusty Fiction, Darling Destroyer, is due out on January 27th and, par for the band’s musical course, their latest single, “It’s How I Feel” is an exercise in flagrantly fiery guitar work and uniquely crafted lyrics. As for the song’s inspiration, according to Leopold, it goes something like this:

“The rhythm was, undeniably, the seed from which the content and swagger for this song grew. People always ask me if I’m stoned. My eyes are wide and bright, the better to see you with. I tell them, ‘Sure. I’m stoned. My heart is made of stone.’ ¬†Speaking in punchlines, in rhetorical answers. A pacifist’s defense mechanism. On the road, at home, more often than not I’m finishing articulating my side of a discussion, or answering one million questions of when and why with, “It’s How I Feel”. I gave up being clever as far back as I can remember.”

And there you go.

The Where: Leopold and His Fiction hit the road in support of Darling Destroyer on January 19th with tour dates running through March, so keep up with what’s going on via the band’s ¬†official website, Facebook page and at @LeopoldFiction on Twitter.