“New Heart” By Heaps n Heaps

The Who: Heaps n Heaps (Los Angeles, CA)

The What: One inevitability of life is – whether we like it or not – anything that begins must eventually come to an end. Capturing that natural fact is the indie folk foursome of Alisa Fedele, Zach Moon, John Pruitt and Dan Dowsett as Heaps n Heaps and their latest single, “New Heart.”

“When things end…relationships, friendships, periods of time, etc, there’s a complexity behind it all.” Moon explained. “It’s not always simple and obvious. It’s not always good or bad. Sometimes it takes a long while to understand why things happen the way they do and, in that, there’s a certain kind of beauty, even if the initial feelings are painful and hard to understand. That’s why this song means a lot to us. It feels kind of happy and simplistic but each time we play it, there’s something new unveiling itself, something deeper and a little more complex.”

Directed by longtime friend, Miles Rasmussen, the video is a compilation of live footage along with film captured of the band over the years. Moon added, “We then spent one night filming from about 12 am to 5:30 am at our rehearsal studio with the projector running over us while we performed. His concept of the video was to try and underscore the emotions connected with something ending without being prepared for it.”

And that sounds like life in a nutshell.

The Where: Discover more about Heaps n Heaps via their Facebook page and at @HeapsnHeaps on Twitter.

Photo: Luke Austin-Paglialogna