Video Premiere: “When I’m Through” By OSLO

The Who: OSLO (Los Angeles, CA)

The What: OSLO is Mattia Borrani, Kerry Wayne James and Gabrial McNair and first made their musical mark in 2005 with their self-titled debut album. After a hiatus during which McNair spent a good chunk of time as a touring member of No Doubt along with touring with Tegan and Sara, The Morning After EP (released on December 2, 2016) marks the band’s return by engaging their traditional space rock sound with a modern post punk sensibility. Case in point as we premiere their brand new video, “When I’m Through.”

“When I’m Through” is the lead off single from The Morning After and brims with a restless and driven energy that makes sense. “‘When I’m Through’ is special to us because it is a culmination of our different musical influences due to the fact we all had a strong input in the recording process.” explains Borrani. “It’s a song that is about waking up to find out things aren’t what you thought they were and wanting to share it with the people around you.”

If you’re in Los Angeles on Thursday December 15th, you can catch OSLO in the live at Resident in downtown LA.

The Where: Learn more about and keep up with all things OSLO via their official website, Facebook page and at @OsloBand on Twitter.