“Jungle” By Night Talks

The Who: Night Talks (Los Angeles, CA)

The What: It would appear that all is not particularly well within burgeoning Los Angeles alt-rock band Night Talks…if you were to base your opinion upon singer Soraya Sebghati almost gleefully picking off her bandmates Jacob Butler (guitar) plus brothers Josh  (bass) and Cris (drums) Arteaga one by one. Hell hath no fury, much?

It’s a noir-ish styled endeavor of vengeance and reaching a breaking point and, ultimately (fortunately), more fiction than truth, but what is true is that “Jungle” (the third single from their upcoming debut album, In Dreams) follows along the fine, full-bodied and sultry sound that we’ve heard on their two previous singles, “Green” and “Mr. Bloom” and that’s a very good thing. Now here’s hoping that Butler and the brothers Arteaga behave themselves.

The Where: You can find and keep up with Night Talks in the usual places: their official website, Facebook page and at @_NightTalks_ on Twitter.