“Perfectly Perfect” By Simple Plan

The Who: Simple Plan (Montreal, Quebec)

The What: Often when we present a Video Of The Week we do so with some commentary about the song, the visuals or the artist’s hair. But vocalist Pierre Bouvier from Simple Plan spoke simply about their single “Perfectly Perfect” and it’s…well…perfect.

“‘Perfectly Perfect’ is about being in love with someone and seeing only beauty in every part of them. Even the parts they don’t like about themselves. People tend to focus too much on their so called flaws. Like when we picture ourselves, we always comment on the thing we hate or can’t stand about ourselves, when in reality, nobody really notices that stuff. Especially when you love the person. All the little “flaws” become things you that make you special and different. Most of us in the band are now married or in long term relationships and this song was definitely inspired by that. For me personally, the song really reminds me of my wife. I know she had plenty of things about herself that she doesn’t like. That she would like to change. But those are all the things that make her who she is and why I love her.”

The Where: Simple Plan’s heartfelt message of love is timeless, timely and beautiful and you can keep up with the band and their future plans via the usual socials like their official website, Facebook page or at @SimplePlan on Twitter.