“Dance” By Leon Else

The Who: Leon Else (Los Angeles, CA by way of London, England)

The What: Having seen “Dance,” there really was no other option for our new Video of the Week¬†because¬†what we’re dealing with is form, movement, emotion, function and music as they all conspire to effect a beautiful measure of personal and natural ecstasy in order to break through, to break free…

“Voices whisper in my ear / You know you’ll never be free”

Leon Else isn’t having any of that and his music has a mission. In a visual directed by Jordan Behat, Else is uniquely qualified for such a dynamic display of emotional physicality: with a headspace that isn’t always in balance (ADHD/depression are his rivals), the trained dancer in him conveys elegance, aggression, collapse, elation, honesty, sensuality and playfulness in bouts of tension and release casting a wide, inspirational and therapeutic sensory net. Where there’s movement, there’s energy and where there’s energy, there’s always the power to change your state of mind. So dance.

The Where: Leon is highly active on social media so he’s pretty easy to keep up with. Find him in the usual places like his official website, Facebook page and at @LeonElse on Twitter.