“Saturday Night” By Half The Animal

The Who: Half The Animal (Los Angeles, CA)

The What: There’s a lot going on “Saturday Night” with the LA based alternative pop/rock band Half The Animal. Ignoring the obvious question of why only half the animal instead of a whole, there’s studio time, skatebording, a pool party and an inflatable pink flamingo that Chase Johnson, Nick Gross, Evan Smith and Alex Asch have to contend with and – yes – Johnson and Gross were featured characters on MTV’s Laguna Beach. Now all of this allusion to a good time serves as more of a false equivalency than a true expression. According to Gross “Saturday Night” is something of a metaphor for those things that we do or indulge in which, while not necessarily good for us, we always come back for more of because they make us feel alive. In the real world as we know it, that could be a particular relationship or jelly donuts but whatever your Saturday night consists of, count yourself lucky if it’s even half as much fun as Half The Animal’s.

The Where: Be social and keep in touch with Half The Animal via the usual places like their official website, Facebook page and at @HalfTheAnimal on Twitter.