A British Invasion & Tour Happens: The Hunna

In case you didn’t get the memo, The Hunna have arrived.

Release Date: August 26, 2016

The UK quartet is as free spirited and life-loving as any band you will meet and their arena-worthy indie rock aesthetic is a direct reflection of who they are. Ryan (vox/guitar), Dan (guitar), Jermaine (bass) and Jack (drums) are in the midst of a musical bonfire, not unlike the one in their bombastic hit, “Bonfire” and have launched their own British invasion upon the United States. They just wrapped up time on the road supporting Jimmy Eat World, a few dates with fellow Brit rockers The Struts and now they’re one-third of a not to miss line up on the SiriusXM Alt Nation Presents Advanced Placement Tour with Night Riots and The Shelters. From rallying the Hunna army with “You & Me” to the gutsy “Still Got Blood” fans across the country have fallen for this fantastic foursome and the feeling appears to be mutual:

“It’s been such a crazy journey to get to this point. We’ve always wanted to come to America and be able to play our music out here so the fact that we’re actually here doing it is crazy and just meeting all our fans out here is amazing.”

Being a professional touring musician may be living the dream but it’s also hard work so we asked Ryan, Dan, Jermaine and Jack about the art of touring and their very specific survival tips – unfiltered and pure 1Hunna-style. A tickle fight, guys? Really???


  • The best part of being on tour is…“We really love meeting the fans, they are always real fun. Getting lit up and playing live music is also up there. Bless the squad…”
  •  The worst part of being on tour is…“Honestly it’s super hard. Finding the time to eat, sleep or do anything personal is never easy. Has to be them 1Hunna.”
  • We simply cannot go on tour without…“Honey, Caramel Latte’s and weed… The musts!”
  • The weirdest thing that’s happened on tour was…“We smoked a shit tone of weed and somehow the band and crew broke into a tickle fight. The squad broke into two and then charged at each other. Straight Rock n’ Roll…”
  • The top three items on our tour rider are…“Skittles, Doritos and water.”
  • The states with the best accents so far are…“All of them, it’s way hard to pick! We fall in love every time we hear an American accent. We are suckers for it no matter what state.”
  • On a day off, we love to…“Chill for sure! Smoke up, eat up and explore the local area we are in. So far we keep ending up on beach. Big up the beach life.”
  • Our favorite artist/bands to listen to while on the road are…“Highly Suspect, Drake, Foals, Kanye West, The Japanese House, Brand New, Bridie Florence, Dae Dae and many more.”
  • The best way to kill time in the bus/van is….“Get yourself a cheap Xbox 360 and chat breeze with your homies.”
  • Four out of five moms recommend attending a Hunna show because…“Clearly because those mumma’s know where it’s at.”

Live Photo Credit: Amanda Bard