“Lullaby Love” By Roo Panes

The Who: Roo Panes (London, UK)

The What: Putting his winsome model looks aside, Roo Panes is a stellar craftsman of gorgeous and introspective expression, more personal than not under the style of classical folk pop. This spring saw the release of his sophomore album, Paperweights, and from it comes “Lullaby Love.” The video is simple: Panes’s sonorous voice crooning over a string section while rowing out into an overcast sea. Where a video is concerned, sometimes a song doesn’t need much accompaniment: This is one of those times.

The Where: Roo Panes has been playing some dates in Europe but never fear: the gent is working on some US tour dates. Keep in touch with Roo via his official website, Facebook page and at @RooPanes on Twitter.