On The Road With…The Frights

the-frights-tourSeasonally, it may be Fall but does surf punk have an expiration date? We think not and neither do San Diego surf punk heroes Mikey Carnevale (vox/guitar), Richard Dotson (bass), and Marc Finn (drums) aka The Frights who kick off a series of show dates with FIDLAR and SWMRS this week on the Too Much Tour. It’s what happens when you bug FIDLAR’s Zac Carper to the point that he produces your second full length record, You Are Going To Hate This (out now on Dangerbird Records). Persistence, folks.

As tours go, this Too Much Tour has all the makings of a raucously fun affair that lovers of garage rock, surf rock, punk and all junctures where they meet won’t want to miss. So before they hit the road, we asked The Frights some important pre-tour questions….

  • The best part of being on tour is….“When our in-van Dungeons and Dragons campaign is so engrossing that it makes a 10-hour drive feel like an 8-hour drive.”
  • The worst part of being on tour is…. “Having to decide between Arby’s and gas station hot dogs for breakfast.”
  • I cannot go on tour without… “Stopping in New Orleans to pay a visit to Mocha, our favorite stripper/mechanical bull operator.”
  • The weirdest thing that happened on tour was… “That time someone got a tattoo of Mikey’s signature on her foot and didn’t regret it even a little.”
  • The song from You Are Going to Hate This we’re looking forward to playing most is… “’Tungs’ because it allows us to live our real dream of being a reggae band for 3 minutes.”
  • The guys in FIDLAR are… “Secretly wishing they could get somebody cooler than us to open for them but we were cheap, so.”
  • Cities we’re really looking forward to are… “Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, and Covington, KY, because our best friend’s sister lives nearby and owns four beagles which is one for each of us to play with.”
  • Our favorite artists/bands to listen to on the road are… “Shake It” by Metro Station.”
  • Four out of five moms recommend attending a Frights show because…It’s more fun than spending time with their terrible children.”