“Cool” By Dawns

The Who: Dawns (New York City, NY)

The What: It’s hard work being cool these days, just ask Joshua Perna (vox), Aaron Brown (guitar), and Matt Carpenter (drums) of the brand new indie rock outfit, Dawns. And nothing screams “cool” like a video where a front lawn and an ice cream truck are your backdrop choices. Perna describes the song as a “tongue-in-cheek lament about trying to catch up with culture when you’re stuck in a small town,” and we get it. But the song packs elements that make it cooler than not such as Brown’s guitar lines and its overall subtle aesthetic of soulful groove. As for the video, itself, Perna adds, “What we ended up with is an oddly funny video where we poke fun at ourselves for taking ourselves too seriously, because what’s less cool than trying to be cool?” 

True story.

The Where: Be cool (or at least give off the illusion thereof) and keep up with DAWNS in all of the usual places: their official website, Facebook page and at @dvwns on Twitter.