“Genesis” By Armors

The Who: Armors (Southern California)

The What: The best thing about acoustic song versions is that they strip away the sonic ornamentation, the remains being a song’s purity. It also results in exposing a song’s basic beauty.

SoCal band Armors (Olen Kittelsen, Kody Buxton and Sam Beresford) go that route with their latest single, “Genesis,” and fittingly so. There’s a story in there narrated by the emotional soul of ¬†Kittelsen’s impressively expressive vocals.¬†“As with any song we compose, we always like to strip it down to its most core elements and re-imagine it in the most vulnerable of ways.” explains Buxton. “‘Genesis,’ lyrically, is a brief synopsis of a vast and arduous emotional journey I recently endured. A journey that left me at my most vulnerable after it was all said and done; feeling more insecure than ever. We decided to film the stripped down version in a park where I spent a lot of time growing up. A place where I spent a lot of wonderful moments, as well as where I went when the world was crashing down on me and I had nowhere else to go. For me, the opportunity to perform the song in the place where it all began was a very fitting end to this chapter of my life.”

So back to basics with Armors…and genesis.

The Where: Keep and ear out for Armors’ first full length album which is expected later this year. In the meantime, find out more about the band via their official website, Facebook page and at @ArmorsMusic on Twitter.