“11 Blocks” By Wrabel

The Who: Wrabel (Los Angeles, CA)

The What: It’s safe to say that a song is real and real deep when that song’s writer tattoos the song’s motif on his flesh as Stephen Wrabel did with “11 Blocks.”  That’s because the song is an emotional bullet as Wrabel peels back his guard and exposes how his heart works in true singer/songwriter fashion: painfully honest, personal and beautifully relatable. It’s the stuff of self-expression and writing a damned good song and this video allows you to walk in Wrabel’s footsteps for those 11 blocks.

The Where: As luck would have it, Wrabel just embarked on his first major U.S. tour supporting Gavin DeGraw and Andy Grammar: a fine line up that we highly approve of. So keep up with Wrabel on the road (and check out his tour dates) via his official website, Facebook page and find out about his late night habits and random musings at @Wrabel on Twitter.