“Come Up For Air” By Skylar Grey

“‘Come Up For Air’ is a break up song about loving the other person so much, you’ll wait forever for them to return… Even if that means you’ll die alone.” – Skylar Grey

The Who: Skylar Grey

The What: The last time we saw Grammy-nominated Skylar Grey was in April at the El Rey Theater in Los Angeles where she seemed to eschew the contents of her last album (Don’t Look Down) in favor of initiating listeners on the upcoming and the new, along with casually suggesting that her fans question her label (Interscope/KidinaKorner) as to when her next album (with an unknown title but reportedly finished) would see the light of day.

The album is Natural Causes and now has a release date of September 23rd.

Grey’s latest single, “Come Up For Air,” is a beautiful haunt co-produced by Eminem and it’s video is either a botanist’s nightmare or dream come true. “The video artfully shows time passing as I wait.” Grey says. “Vines grow through the walls and floor, slowly wrapping around me until my eventual death by strangulation – a nod to my Natural Causes album title.”

It’s also a nod to Grey’s particular “grace + strength” artistry and we’re into it.

The Where: Skylar Grey’s Natural Causes Tour begins the day her album is released (Sept. 23rd), so feel free to keep up with the tour and the music via Grey’s official website, Facebook page and at @SkylarGrey on Twitter.