“Free To Do Whatever They Say” By The Virginmarys

The Who: The Virginmarys (Macclesfield, UK)

The What: It’s safe to say that Ally Dickaty (vox/guitar), Danny Dolan (drums), and Matt Rose (bass) aka The Virginmarys understand the communicative power of music. Their sophomore  album, Divides, is fueled by their pure punk rock need to scathingly express, dissent and indict what ails the society that they – that we all – exist in, and do so as loudly as possible with songs that are gutsy, aggro, honest and unusually thoughtful. “Free To Do Whatever They Say” rails directly against the insidious chaos of control and how that control is an aspect of our everyday lives. Feel free to think about that.

The Where: One of the many reasons why we love The Virginmarys is they were great fun to hang out with during South By Southwest! Another is they’re great at and hands on with their social media and truly appreciate their fans. So keep up with the guys via their official website, their Facebook page and at @TheVirginmarys on Twitter.