“Disappear Here” By Bad Suns

The Who: Bad Suns (Los Angeles, CA)

The What: “We wanted to capture the emotion of a crossroads in life being suddenly interrupted by the ground collapsing beneath your feet,” says Bad Suns frontman, Christo Bowman, of their current single, “Disappear Here.” It’s the propulsive title track of the LA foursome’s forthcoming sophomore album (due out September 16th on Vagrant Records) and with lyrics like, “Would you run after me…or do we disappear here,” a safe emotional landing sounds questionable, but this is the stuff of romance and we wish the guys well. In 2014, Bowman along with Miles Morris (drums), Gavin Bennett (bass) and Ray Libby (guitar), made an absurdly impressive full-length debut with Language & Perspectiveso even if the love disappears, we expect Bad Suns to stick  around for a long time.

The Where: A fall headline tour will follow the release of Disappear Here, so keep up with and keep track of Bad Suns via the usual places like their official website, Facebook page and at @BadSuns on Twitter.

Photo Credit: Elliot Lee Hazel