8 Ways Supergirl is becoming more super in Season 2

Supergirl flew into the hearts of many when the show debuted last fall on CBS.  Going into season 2, expect several big changes including a shift of the show to The CW and the introduction of a few new characters. The Supergirl press room at San Diego Comic-Con 2016 was abuzz with talk of where the show is going. According to the show’s cast and producer, Sarah Schechter, Supergirl is to become even more super in Season 2. Here’s eight reasons why:

Melissa Benoist

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Some may argue that it is too soon to bring in Kara’s more well-known cousin, but Season 2 will do just that – finally putting a face to the texts and emails Kara received in Season 1. That face will look a lot like a former Alpha wolf, Tyler Hoechlin (Teen Wolf). Although the idea of himself playing such an iconic role had yet to fully sink in, Hoechlin remarked on how he has been preparing for the role both physically, with the return of his Teen Wolf level workouts, and mentally. On his mental approach Hoechlin commented, “Superman is a symbol. The suit represents that and kind of what he stands for but that’s the suit he wears to work like anybody else does. I’m trying to find who the guy is and what makes him tick and how does he respond to people.”

On the timing of bringing in Superman, producer Sarah Schechter said, “The show is not about Superman but really about establishing Kara and her strength at the center of the show.  I feel like we’ve done that. It’s so clearly her show and she is clearly equal to Superman and now we felt like we could bring him in.”

Superman isn’t the only power-ed up addition to Season 2. Season 1 ended with the cliffhanger of another pod crashing down to Earth. On the new pod and who/what might be inside Schechter said, “Very soon you’ll find out who it is in the pod, but it will take a little bit longer to unravel what that person’s motivations, backstory and relationship to Kara will be.”

The move from CBS to The CW will bring about several changes, most notably a shift in production from Los Angeles to Vancouver. As previously reported, this means less of Kara’s boss, Cat Grant played by Calista Flockhart. Schechter conceded that there will be less Cat, but assured that “you’ll still have the sharped-tongue badass.” Schechter added that with Kara’s promotion at Cat Co, it will be natural to not see the boss as much as when Kara was the assistant.

David Harewood

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Even though The CW caters to a younger demographic, the consensus was that the tone of the show would not change, but the geeky comic book references might increase. David Harewood (Hank Henshaw/J’onn J’onzz) remarked that the scripts for this season seem more “comic book-y.” He talked specifically about an upcoming fight scene his character has with Supergirl and Superman saying, “I think TV fans are really going to see the difference and I think they are going to enjoy it.”

Mechad Brooks (Jimmy Olsen) took a more unique approach in describing the network change that might have gone over a few people’s heads. “It’s like playing for the New England Patriots and getting traded to the Giants,” he said. “Both are great teams, they just run different offenses. I think our players work better on the Giants.”

Having Barry Allen/The Flash visit National City last season was great fun for the show and for the actors, especially since Melissa Benoist (Supergirl) and Grant Gustin who plays The Flash were friends from Glee. It brought a different feel to the show that Schechter called a “shiney-ness.”  The change in network will make these crossover events a lot easier and everyone seemed particularly excited by the prospect. Schechter claimed, “Part of the fun of the crossovers is exploring the worlds and seeing how people react to them. We love all of these characters, so to give them a chance to play together is too fun.” She went on to compare the experience to mixing your toys as a kid. “It’s not that GI Joe’s didn’t play with the Barbies. It’s like a real live version of that.”

Asked which character in the CW’s DC Universe she’d want Supergirl to interact with, Benoist didn’t hesitate to say Black Canary adding, “she’s awesome!”

© Kristen Coveleskie

© Kristen Coveleskie

Chyler Leigh who plays Kara’s sister Alex reminded us how unique her character actually is as there is no Alex Danvers in the comic books. Season 1 explored who Alex is in relation to Kara and to Supergirl but not really who she is outside of that. Leigh is looking forward, in Season 2, to discovering a bit more about where Alex came from and her life outside of her super sister. Pressed for details, Leigh laughed and said, “I don’t even know where she lives. We were joking about it like maybe she has a room downstairs or lives in some creepy house next door, but we don’t know. But we’ll get to see more of that!”

Season 1 dropped some bombs, but perhaps none as huge as the idea that Kara’s presumed dead Earth father might still be alive. Leigh suggested one of Alex’s story lines in Season 2 will be to figure out what exactly happened to their father. If he’s still alive, where is he, where has he been, and “how deep that rabbit hole goes.” Leigh teased that this particular mission will bring the team in contact with a lot of big bads in the first few episodes.

One hallmark of this show is that Supergirl, more than others of its ilk, presents to its audience a range of strong, vibrant and powerful women, whether they be good or bad, have powers or not. Schechter talked about the importance of this for the show saying, “I want girls and boys to realize that girls can do anything that boys can do and be just as strong and be just as much of a badass.” Next season will bring another powerful woman to the table with former Wonder Woman Lynda Carter coming aboard to play the President of the United States. Schechter compared this development to one she hopes we’ll also see in real life.

Mechad Brooks

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Now that Jimmy Olsen and Kara seem to be in some sort of relationship, Season 2 will delve into what exactly that means for them. Brooks suggested that, like any real relationship, this workplace romance will not be smoothing sailing. “It’s a little rocky” he teased before adding, “Kara knows who she is as far as becoming Supergirl, but she’s still finding her footing as a young lady in the workplace.”

Benoist added, “I do think season 1 was kind of her coming out party and her figuring out how she could fit in the world. I think she built a solid base for herself and now it’s time to really mature and come into her own as a woman and as a hero and in her career and her love live and as Supergirl, learning how to juggle it all and find balance.”

Superhero shows and movies can be very dark but Supergirl is designed to be an anecdote to that darkness. Hoechlin, on his new show, commented, “This one is so full of light and hope and optimism. Especially with things going on lately, I’m actually really excited that the show takes that tone and offers that kind of an outlet. There’s enough negative stuff on TV and movies and I’m not going to lie, I enjoy doing those films and those stories as well, but it’s nice to be a part of something that’s more uplifting and hopeful.”

Benoist furthered that notion when talking about the importance of inspiring young girls saying, “I think it’s essential right now and not just because she’s a woman but because she stands for so much good and I think we really need that in the world.”

So there you have it! Watch Season 2 of Supergirl this fall on the CW for more superheroes, super story lines and super fun.