Hanging Out with High Voltage: The Skulx

Relatively new as a band, but definitely not new to music – you may recognize the members of The Skulx from other bands such as Foxy Shazam and Cadaver Dogs. While their genre and look are very rock n roll, The Skulx really earned their rockstar cred in this interview. Not only did these guys drag themselves out of bed on the final morning of South By Southwest for this interview (which if you’ve never been to SXSW, that’s an achievement even for those sober), but they did so without their morning coffee and still managed to answer more questions in our quick fire challenge than anyone else this season. Congratulations guys!

This episode concludes season one of Hanging Out with High Voltage. We’re actually reformatting for season two, and will just be posting our quick fire challenge weekly renamed “60 Seconds with ____.” Should be launching the first episode by the end of August so keep an eye out for that.