“Not For Sale” By Crobot

The Who: Crobot (Pottsville, PA)

The What: We’ve all heard of “dad rock” and – yes – it’s a thing. But while that’s not what heavy rocking Crobot are about, they’re not above giving some male parental units their due place in the sun in this video for their single, “Not For Sale,” from their upcoming album, Welcome to Fat City. Leave it to the song’s lyric, “Who paid your debt to be here?” which sounds more like, “Who paid your dad to be here?”  (and is what the album’s engineer, Alan Moulder, thought was being sung all along) to be the inspired impetus for singer Brandon Yeagley, guitarist Chris Bishop, bassist Jake Figueroa and drummer Paul Figueroa to let a bunch of dudes run wild in this video directed by Dan Packer. All in the name of fun? Yep, and that’s a band attitude that we can get behind.

The Where: Currently Crobot is on the road through November and their upcoming album, Welcome to Fat City, is due out on September 23rd. So keep up with Crobot via their official website, Facebook page and at @CrobotBand on Twitter.