“Bonfire” By The Hunna

The Who: The Hunna (Hertfordshire, England)

The What: Even when the Hunna write a song about a relationship completely under destruction, they shade it with the futuristic color of something positive in its wake and they make it anthemic and damned arena-worthy. As The Hunna, Ryan Potter (vox, guitar), Dan Dorney (guitar), Jermaine Angin (bass), and Jack Metcalfe (drums) are one of the UK’s most promising, exciting and liberating young bands, are all about the “H-Squad” and welcome all willing to join them on their free spirited, musical journey. While “Bonfire” may suggest burning it down in order to let it go, always keep an eye out for what may rise from those ashes.

The Where: The Hunna are wrapping up their very first U.S. tour and their debut album is set for release on August 26th via 300 Entertainment. Until the, keep up with their H-Squad activities via the usual places like their Facebook page, on Soundcloud and at @TheHunnaBand on Twitter.