Daydream By Empty Houses

Empty Houses Daydream | June 10, 2016 | Rating : 11/11

Release Date: June 10, 2016

Empty Houses delivers a bold introduction with Daydream, their debut album produced by Graham Marsh (Bruno Mars, CeeLo Green, Common) and filled with a vast range of songs from upbeat, sincere love songs to sensual, spicy tunes like “Mercy.”

You know you have a good album in your hands when each song leaves you wanting more. Why is this? The trio – Ali Shea, Adam Mercer and David Mackinder – have written songs that could become timeless classics. From the well-crafted, locked-in drum and bass lines to the upbeat, driving piano lines, everything about this group works seamlessly. Shea showcases her powerful and lush vocal range, and you can even hear her smiling while belting these hopeful, bright songs.

It’s no wonder Empty Houses comes from Detroit – the birthplace of Motown – but just how exactly do you cook up such an imaginative daydream like Daydream? Easy. The ingredients: A dash of The Beach Boys, cooking oil reminiscent of Grease – The Musical, well-marinated pulses of Motown horns and percussion and – last but not least – tasteful seasonings of contemporary queen, Elle King.

The title track, “Daydream,” opens with heartwarming, Beach Boys-like instrumentals during the verse, and the chorus erupts into a modern and elevated climax. “Hold Your Hand” is a jazz-rock tune filled with lush chords, carefully placed percussive ear candy and smooth vocals creating an easily danceable and wholly unique tune. And then you have the classic-rock throwback vibes displayed in “Rope,” which features a dark, danceable guitar-line.

Daydream is everything you’d want a rock and roll album to be: uplifting, genuine and all-around explosive fun. It’s also pure sonic summer sunshine, so give it a listen: it’s almos guaranteed that you’ll be returning to this daydream repeatedly.