“Lovely Bones” By BRÅVES

“Caught in cobwebs / Only spiders know / How to taste / Your lovely bones.”

The Who: BRÅVES (Los Angeles, CA)

The What: For all intents and purposes, the music from international band-of-mystery BRÅVES operates in the dark cool of the shadows; deep electronic trips of pop and ambient noir akin to the likes of James Blake or How To Dress Well, with – perhaps – deeper dispatches of glitchy, dramatic runs of sensory perception. Part seduction, part compulsion, full on emotion. The band is composed of Aussies Jericho and Thorald and producer Johnny What whose stylistic and sonic choices are beautifully reflective and compelling. Case in point: “Lovely Bones” – the song and video – both, embody a stark and powerful artistry which Johnny explains:

“‘Lovely Bones’ is a song about twisted love. Getting caught in a web of co-dependence and loving it while recognizing it’s darkness. We wrote it last winter and it’s one of our favourite songs from a batch we put out in April called, EP II.

We shot the video in St. Petersburg, Russia. Searching high and low for the subject matter, we came across the girls on the internet and asked them to choreograph a dance to the song. They kindly obliged and blew us all away with the result. Our intention was to recreate for the viewer the same feeling of discomfort we all had when we first came across them. The hope, however, is to stretch the viewer’s thoughts around what is acceptable and normal and to question their own projections of what they are witnessing.”

Should you feel even remotely discomfited while watching “Lovely Bones,” then their work here is done as BRÅVES’ intent is to also raise awareness and funds to help stop child sex trafficking with proceeds from the song going to the anti-child sex trafficking charity Covenant House.

The Where: Check out their official website, Facebook page and follow @BravesBand on Twitter for more information on BRÅVES.