Plague Vendor, The Garden, Kim & The Created (Rough Trade)

Rough Trade | New York, NY | June 6, 2016 | Words & Photos by Cortney Armitage |

There was an LA invasion at Rough Trade in Brooklyn, NY as Kim & The Created, The Garden and Plague Vendor blew through in a tornado of rock. Kim & The Created kicked off the show with the Kim portion in a gold bodysuit and unleashing on the bass for the first half of the set before relinquishing it and throwing her body into her trademark ticks and contortions. The mosh pit she set off continued into The Garden’s explosive set. The court jesters seemed innocent enough until drummer Fletcher Shears leaped from behind the drum kit and became an acrobatic force of leaps, dive rolls and aerials – at one point even hurling himself from the second floor balcony. But it was Plague Vendor’s front man, Brandon Blaine, who topped the night, making the audience part of the show. At first trust falling backwards into their arms and then planting his mic stand down in the pit before getting extremely getting up close and personal with the crowd. When this perfect storm of bands was done, few people weren’t won over and once overed in the best way.