The Wild Feathers & The Shelters (The Troubadour)

The Troubadour | Los Angeles, CA | April 6, 2016 | Photos: ZB Images |

The Wild Feathers

Everybody raise a glass to the simpatico package tour because it truly is a beautiful thing. Case in point: Warner Bros. label mates, Nashville’s The Wild Feathers and Los Angeles rock upstarts The Shelters were a welcomed combination. The Wild Feathers deal in modern rock healthily sliced with vintage rock and roll: stacked guitars, organ enriched, sometimes Countrified but always hearty and heartfelt. With two albums worth of material (their self-titled debut and latest release, Lonely Is a Lifetime), the sold out Troubadour was treated to feathery gems like “Don’t Ask Me to Change,” “Goodbye Song” and “Left My Woman” as well as “Happy Birthday” in honor of guitar slinger Daniel Donato’s 21st birthday. Between rounds of Donato’s extraordinary shred work, beer and champagne were both showered upon the audience because…well, that’s what you do when you celebrate turning legal on one of music’s most auspicious stages.

The Shelters

The foursome of Chase Simpson, Josh Jove, Sebastian Harris and Jacob Pillot gave a good accounting of what guitar driven, garage rock can sound like in youthful, yet capable hands. Their current single, “Rebel Heart,” may sport some Brit rock undertones but, as a band, the entire package is ambitious and muscular, with equal parts finely tuned abandon and finesse. See the rich and fantastically expansive “The Ghost is Gone” which felt like a straight up 70s acid trip sans any harmful side effects.