X Ambassadors (The Wiltern)

The Wiltern | Los Angeles, CA | March 25, 2016 | Photos by Cortney Armitage |

If there’s one thing that X Ambassadors know how to do, it’s own their audience.

And with every return to Los Angeles, the audience that X Ambassadors “owns” gets more fervent. Lift off at the Wiltern was immediate: house lights down, intro music up, launch fans into the joy-zone by punching through show opener, “Loveless.” Untrue, X Ambassadors; wholly untrue. Based upon the room’s noise level, your energetic output, the open-hearted singing of your songs back to you (hello “Renegades,” “Jungle” and “Unsteady”),  and one female fan’s genuine attempt to pull lead singer Sam Harris into the audience (or more appropriately, into her arms),  it would appear that there’s plenty of love to go around. Feel free to own that, as well, guys.

Love, Los Angeles.