“Personal” By Matthew Logan Vasquez

The Who: Matthew Logan Vasquez (Austin, TX)

The What: It’s not “Personal”: It’s just Matthew Logan Vasquez striking out on his own after four albums with Delta Spirit, in a return to the style of rock music that he truly loves. The truth is that Matt played almost every instrument on every song on his new solo album, Solicitor Returns; an album rife with edges, angles and lots of fuzz. Well maybe it is personal, after all, as the song is a musical journey and the video does feature a collage of Matt’s life and travels along with his mom and her friend as his highly enthusiastic backing band.

The Where: Matt’s US tour begins March 29th but – oh yes – the Austin resident is making some much welcomed and much appreciated appearances at South By Southwest! Want to know more and keep up with Matt? Just head to his official website and check out his Facebook page.