“twentyseven” By Futurebirds

The Who: Futurebirds (Athens, GA)

The What: Considering that their latest album is titled Hotel Parties, what else should we expect from Georgia’s Futurebirds? Trading in indie/Americana rock and not afraid to go a little psychedelic on you just for fun, their video for “twentyseven” is all about where two worlds meet: the idealized life of musicians vs that of their adoring fans with a good deal of it being comically on point. You know you’ve been that person in the front row head bangin/gazing adoringly/losing your mind. According to Futurebirds’ singer/guitarist Carter King the video is, “…about the idea the some people have of a bands touring life being this attractive, adventurous romantic thing. 90% of the existence is gross, boring unattractive stuff. So in the video we got to play the mega-fans having the truly luxurious day filled with nice clothes, high-end cars and fancy meals. Honestly, we just wanted to spend a day like that so we wrote it into the script.”

Role reversal, for the win.

The Where: Want to know more about these Southern rockers? Head to their official page, check out their Facebook or find them at @Futurebirds on Twitter.