Track-By-Track W/ DREAMERS: You Are Here EP

Release Date: February 5, 2016

DREAMERS. Brooklyn, NY-based band I stumbled upon last year, self-subscribers to the genre of “cosmic rock” who have a pretty good grasp on song structure with shades of Phoenix. Have you heard of them? Sure you have. Well, maybe not. Or perhaps it’s a case of hearing “Wolves” overhead while you were, say, waiting in line at Subway’s (terrible sandwiches, by the way, so please go to Blimpie’s) and thought, “Man, that’s a great song!” but just didn’t know who the artist was. Not enough time to Shazam the damned thing? We know, it happens and it’s annoying as fuck.

Anyhoo, as young bands go (about two years old and still growing), DREAMERS are ranking high on the ‘buzz factor’ scale: buzz, not hype and – yes – there’s a difference. On February 5th, they released their second EP, You Are Here. I heard and liked it but – perhaps more importantly – also appreciated the disturbance of the modern mindset well accompanied by smart guitar lines and monster hooks. So there came the interest in knowing what lay beneath because…well, there is a certain tone. I asked and DREAMERS answered. So thanks, guys, for dishing on these five songs that have a fairly common theme running throughout which makes one wonder what in the hell is going on back there in my hometown.

“Wolves” is a love song about how people can drag you into their world.  Growing up my dad used to say ‘if you lie down with dogs, you wake up with fleas’, our version is ‘if you lie down with wolves, you learn to howl.’  “Wolves” was the first song we released as an independent band a year and a half ago.

“DRUGS” is a song about how attached we are to our devices — our faces lost in phone screens, using apps, obsessing over social media, yearning for likes, followers, favorites, retweets, swipes, alerts, and consumed by the constant feeds of up to the second information. Often we get hooked and lose track of life in the moment, and of the natural world. It is the addiction of our generation.

“Shooting Shadows”
“Shooting Shadows” is an angsty scream about control, love, hate, and anger, and about how all these conflicting feelings can feed off of each other. There’s often conflict in love, and how we shoot pain and spit fire at each other is a tragic yet powerful and central element of the love story. Attraction traps us in conflict.

“Never Too Late To Dance”
“Never Too Late To Dance” is about rekindling lost love.  We wanted to harken back to the 80’s with this one, channelling some kind of place between The Smiths and The Human League. It’s a sad and wailing love song, but most importantly, it’s a song you can dance to…even when you’re feeing sad.

“Come Down Slow”
“Come Down Slow” is a little bit about alcoholism and drug addiction, a little bit about searching for something greater and getting lost in the clouds. Mostly it’s an apology, about the moment you come down after spinning away, and hoping that those you love will still be there for you.

It’s already been a busy year on the road for DREAMERS but they’re just getting started. A Spring tour with the Arkells and the Karma Killers kicks off in March and runs into April with a slight detour through Austin, TX for South By Southwest. And then there’s the full length debut due out later this year. Dream on, DREAMERS.