“Unimpressive” By My Body Sings Electric

The Who: My Body Sings Electric (Denver, CO)

The What: These days there are lots of things that are pretty weaksauce, but the Denver, CO indie outfit, My Body Sings Electric (Brandon Whalen, Nick Crawford, Jeff Fedel, Jason Bower and Ben Scarboro), making this cracking stop-motion video for their tune “Unimpressive” in a garage on a shoestring budget of $100 and some art supplies is not one of them. The song is from their latest EP (Franklin Tapes: Side A) and while the song, itself, is an ode to self-conscious, self-effacing apologizing, we think My Body Sings Electric has tons going for them. We’re into the tune’s groove, the smooth dance moves (or was that freestyle yoga?) and – at the end of it all – they were left with that Picasso of a mural which, according to the band, you can view in Fedel’s garage for a nominal fee!

The Where: Enjoyed that, did you? Cool. By the way, My Body Sings Electric has plans to drop the follow up EP (The Franklin Tapes: Side B) soon, so stay tuned and keep up the band via their official website, Facebook and at @MyBodySings on Twitter.