“Year Zero” By Moon Taxi

The Who: Moon Taxi (Nashville, TN)

The What: Not only is Moon Taxi notorious (in a great way) for being a consummate live band and music genre melting pot, but they are also a High Voltage On The Rise artist (as featured in our Fall 2013 issue). From their fourth studio album, Daybreaker, comes “Year Zero.” The video: prisms, refracting light, halcyon moments and dusky beachside¬†beauty to the sound and the air of a great and welcome unknown. And all one has to do is hop a ride on the Moon Taxi to get there.

The Where: With their fall tour well underway, Moon Taxi just may be bringing their Southern-indie-prog-jam-groove-rock to a venue near you so keep up with them via Facebook, their official website and at @MoonTaxi on Twitter.