”And When You Fall” By Algiers

The Who: Algiers (Atlanta, GA)

The What: That tight and dangerously combustible juncture where gospel, punk rock and R&B meet, collide and duke it out to be heard above the oppressive din is where you’ll find Franklin James Fisher, Ryan Mahan and Lee Tesche: the trio of Algiers. Borne of the American South, Algiers are more like global citizens more interested and invested in burning down the sovereign status quo than propping it up. June of this year saw the release of their artistic rebellion of a self-titled debut album (out on Matador Records). Here, their new video for ”And When You Fall” (directed by Lamb & Sea) is all black and white and quick cuts of old school VHS video in a visual narrative aimed at new school technology and surveillance. It’s dark and ominous and set to an urgent soul stomp and Fisher’s howl of “And when you fall you’re gonna want to know who it really was that took you down.” 

Where there’s no justice, there’s no peace and Algiers are just the band to remind us of that.

The Where: Algiers is off taking on the world with their headlining tour across North America and throughout Europe. So stay in touch with the band via their official website, Facebook page and at @AlgiersMusic on Twitter.