“Beast” By Raw Fabrics

The Who: Raw Fabrics (Los Angeles, CA)

The What: For a band that is so young in years (2 1/2 years as a band and 21 years as humans) and specializes in defiant, punked-up dance/rock with a fashion fondness for patterns and pastels, Jack b. Franco (vox, guitar), Jon Fredrik (drums) and Justus Dixon (bass, synths) are not thematic lightweights. While the song “Beast” boasts a heady beat that stomps the dance floor, according to Franco, the song and video are all about that “beast inside” or internal voice that sometimes gets the better of us all. “Writing on my arms and face, with a pen labeled ‘the voice of fear’ symbolizes negative thoughts…It explains what the Beast is as well as how to overcome that thought.” It may not be kid’s stuff but it’s damned good stuff.

The Where: These upstarts are just getting started so keep up with Raw Fabrics via their official website, Facebook page and at @RawFabrics on Twitter!