“Good Times Go So Fast” By Steven Roth

The Who: Steven Roth (Los Angeles, CA)

The What: If there’s one thing, one emotion that any singer/songwriter worth their salt should be able to evoke from the listener, it’s yearning. You know, that ache of want along the lines of bitter-laced sweet that we all love and hate (but probably love more). So by the end of his video for “Good Times Go So Fast” it’s perfectly obvious that Los Angeles-based Steven Roth’s salt shakers are filled to the brim. Between the photo and film footage vintage and new and the pliant lyrical storytelling trekking through and around time, love and their elusive truth, there is Roth’s elegant vocal warmth over a spirited and summery beat summoning that damned emotion. Beautifully. So if you catch yourself nodding in agreement during the chorus or drifting back to a particularly precious moment in your life with a smile on your face, embrace it. Sure, the good times go by so fast but, fortunately, they always come back.

The Where: Want to keep up with Steven Roth? Of course you do! Check out his official website, and connect with him on Facebook and at @StevenRothMusic on Twitter. Got Instagram? Well, so does he: @StevenRothMusic !