“Precious Love” By How To Dress Well

The Who: How To Dress Well

The What: Considering the inherent sexy-time nature of Tom Krell’s (aka How To Dress Well) potent R&B/pop/electronic music fusion, that he should have a sentimental bone or two in his lanky body is no-brainer territory. As the first birthday of his third studio album, “What Is This Heart?” approached (an album we crushed on hard, as you can tell by our review), feeling lovey and appreciative of all who have supported his music and wanting to give them a little “sweet and tender” something from his heart, Tom kicked out this ultra chill, kicked back video for “Precious Love” as a thank you, complete with handwritten regards. Hey, Tom: Thanks for that and you are so welcome.

The Where: Now that everyone’s feeling the love, feel free to keep up with what’s going on with Tom Krell/How To Dress Well. You can find him at his official website, on Facebook or at @HowToDressWell on Twitter!