“Heavy Hammer” By The Delta Saints

The Who: The Delta Saints (Nashville, TN)

The What: Opening with “They’re living wage, barely paid / Bust your ass for another day,” Ben Ringel of Nashville’s The Delta Saints says a mouthful about this rat race we call life in their heavy hitting track, “Heavy Hammer.” It’s from the band’s latest album, Bones (out on Loud & Proud Records this Friday, August 7th) where their typically swampy and blues rooted music grazes closer to the roots of rock than ever before. The result is an album that, from front to back, we can easily and highly recommend and why do so many damned outstanding bands come from Nashville, anyway? As you ponder that, check it out as director Matt Delisi captures this outstanding band, individually and as a whole, with stop motion, wildly colored palettes and the occasional moments of lost control showcasing their  shake, rattle, rock and roll. And we’re into it.

The Where: These fine Nashville gents are on the road throughout the U.S. and Europe from now through November (Los Angeles, you can catch them live TONIGHT August 4th at The Mint!), so check the tour dates on their official website to get some live Delta Saints in your life. You can also find them on Facebook and at @TheDeltaSaints on Twitter!