“Destroy” By In-Flight Safety

The Who: In-Flight Safety (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

The What: Let’s get this out of the way first: Blame Canada! Now that we’ve given in to our base South Park tendencies, let’s move on. Are you listening to Halifax, Nova Scotia’s In-Flight Safety? Well, you should be. We’re pretty fond of their current album, Conversationalist, all lofty, elegant sounds, crisp guitars and indie rock goodness. From that album comes the single, “Destroy”: chock full of a dynamite melody, forward propulsion and the art of letting go…in a hangar? Okay. And from that single comes the video. See how it all ties together? Good. So watch and enjoy as In-Flight Safety jams out to a song that sounds straight up Canadian in the best way. I guess there are worse things to blame Canada for.

The Where: Where can you find In-Flight Safety?  At their official website, their Facebook  and at  on Twitter!