Mr Holmes

Mr. Holmes | Directed By: Bill Condon | Rating: 8/11 |

Mr HolmesBeing a fan of all things Sherlock, the plot of this movie was no foreign concept. However, the execution came as a shock. You see, in the world of Sherlock Holmes we know he retires to the English countryside to effectively become a beekeeper. But actually watching Sir Ian McKellen portray this elderly and senile Sherlock was uncomfortable to watch. Such a beloved character losing his “charms” and struggling to find a routine of familiarity; in other words it was an incredible performance by McKellen.

And just when you feel like you can’t sit through anymore of this aging Sherlock Holmes, the film finds a heart. Or more correctly put, Mr. Holmes finds a heart. After all those years of less-than-human compassion and emotional understanding, Sherlock finally connects with a young boy named Roger (played brilliantly by Milo Parker) in a very father-teaching-his-son-the-family-business kind of way. The relationship helps improve Sherlock’s mental state and we begin to see McKellen shine as the Mr. Holmes only Watson himself could’ve hoped for.

If you’re expecting a light-hearted film, think again. Mr. Holmes will take you on an emotional ride through the circle of life, with the main life cycles represented (youth, middle-age, elderly), and really make you question your own joie de vivre.

Other aspects to note: the gorgeous cinematography thanks to Tobias Schliessler, who has teamed up with Director Bill Condon previously on Dreamgirls. There was one scene in particular shot through a mirror that stands out alongside the beautiful color palette of the film.

With that said, Mr. Holmes is an outstanding film featuring a perfectly portrayed homage to our ever cherished Sherlock Holmes.