“Wild and Free” By Sonny Boy Thorn

The Who: Sonny Boy Thorn (Los Angeles, CA)

The What: Motorcycles, Joshua Tree’s desert atmosphere, PBR by the case, a hot tub full of friends, whiskey, guitars by fireside, and a voice that howls. There’s just so much that is quintessentially wild, rock ‘n’ roll and free about the music and this video from Christopher Thorn (of Blind Melon) and former Voxhaul Broadcast frontman, Davie Dennis aka the Los Angeles duo, Sonny Boy Thorn. Two friends who have found a creative and musical kinship where the music has a timely, as well as timeless, quality to it. “Wild and Free” embraces some of the most natural rhythms and guitar tones, spreads it’s wings in the spirit of an uninhibited existence and (along with Dennis’ always soulful and impassioned voice) aims to liberate the heart and soul just a little, one chord at a time. We’re into it.

The Where: Word has it that there’s already a full Sonny Boy Thorn album already completed (which we can’t wait to hear). Until that gem surfaces and if you’re in LA, you can catch the band every Monday in the month of July at the Satellite. And, of course, find them via their socials at their official website, Facebook and @SonnyBoyThorn on Twitter.