“Hide and Seek” By Stealing Signs

The Who: Stealing Signs (Essex, England)

The What: We’ve taken a bit of a shine to Nick Acton (vox, guitar), Steve Wheate (bass, vox), Will Daly (drums) and George Wood (guitar, vox) who operate as the rising, young indie rock band, Stealing Signs from Essex, England. It’s not enough that their Ska-touched single, “Hide and Seek” (from the upcoming EP of the same name) is a fantastically jumpy groove of an ear worm with its strong guitar riffs and ebullient chorus: It’s all so perfectly English. But upon further investigation (or simply upon reading their bio), in the band’s own words, “They play instruments in the same room, in the same key and at the same time.” Now there’s nothing wrong with that; nothing at all, but after watching the video, perhaps now we know why they’re so automatic and in synch. Taking the ‘boy band’ concept to a whole other level, see Stealing Signs for further.

The Where: As luck would have it, we’ve got an interview with Stealing Signs coming soon. In the meantime, they’re currently bouncing around the UK playing shows so keep your eyes and ears on them via their Facebook page and at @StealingSigns on Twitter!