Make Music Pasadena 2015

Ahhh, Make Music Pasadena. Thanks for the weather being more bearable than last year and  the amount of hustle between your 150 sets and 30 stages in beautiful Old Town Pasadena. You always show us a good time thanks to quality music and activities. With cameras in tow, here’s some of what we caught:

Sir Sly

Sir Sly elevated the entire festival with their high energy, high impact performance. Front man Landon Jacobs may have been a little difficult to recognize sporting green hair and mountain man facial hair, but the band looked like they were having a blast thumping around the stage to their beat-heavy tunes while the audience responded by singing along with every song.

The Moth & the Flame

Taking on the Levitt Pavilion stage while the crowd relaxed on the lawn under the sun, the atmospheric alternative rock of LA’s The Moth & the Flame was the stuff of a band on the verge of great things. We recommend keeping eyes and ears on them.

Dark Waves

Dark Waves (aka Nick Long) came from a “far off place called Los Feliz” to entertain the early afternoon Pasadena crowd with his moody electro rock, showcasing tunes like “I Don’t Wanna Be in Love” and an updated version of the new-ish song, “Bloodsport.” Long  acknowledged the irony of a former punk rocker playing with a “computer band”, but given the crowd’s reaction to the set, no one seemed to mind.

Hidden Charms

This quintessentially British rock quartet used their dance moves, floppy hair, and guitar-driven tunes with cheerful lyrics like “I love you ‘cause you’re dead” to get the audience worked up into a hand-clapping frenzy. Bonus points for the happy drummer.

Kid Bloom

A chill summer band, rocking with a bit of groove, Kid Bloom, caused a group to break out in a “Ring Around the Rosie” style circle dancing.

But wait, there’s more!

Kishi Bashi


Opus Orange

Gal Pals