“Easy in Your Attitude” By Sun Drug

The Who: Sun Drug (Los Angeles, CA)

The What: Even while still under the moniker of the quintet Vanaprasta, Steven Wilkin, Collin Desha, Taylor Brown and Cameron Dmytryk were on an exploratory musical path: moving outside the lines of psych/prog-rock, the songs were becoming increasingly more agitated and incredibly experimental. Time spent receiving counsel from Silver Lake, CA shaman, Rocco DeLuca, has served the foursome, now known as Sun Drug, well and at the soul-level of their creativity, stripping them of what they knew and thought they knew about the art and science of recording. Now that a semi-naked band is on your mind, here’s “Easy in Your Attitude” with Wilkin crooning, “I’m changing all the time.” which is apropos of everything. The video, itself? A bit of a mind-bender thanks to director Brian Randall. “This video was shot with an XBox Kinect and a DSLR and stitched together using the RGDBToolkit.” Randall, says. “We shot the necessary components over the course of an hour…that was the easy part. Then I spent three days without sleep while I put the whole thing together.” It’s a visual as vivid as the track’s trippy and elastic buzz and, fortunately, there’s more to look forward to from their debut EP due on June 26th. It may be an age old saying but Sun Drug proves it still valid: Change is good.

The Where: Continue to chart Sun Drug’s new path by connecting to their Facebook, official website and at @Sun_Drug on Twitter.

Photo Credit: Emma Trim