“Cool On Fire” By Daniel Johns

The Who: Daniel Johns (Newcastle, Australia)

The What: Daniel Johns’ post-Silverchair life has pretty much been on his own terms and one of those terms included disappearing from the spotlight for 8 years. Now he may have been gone, but he was never completely silent: writing, as well as exploring various musical terrains outside of the grunge and rock box that he grew up in, was constant. Now Johns has something to say and, that too, is on his own terms. His new solo album is aptly titled Talk and one thing is clear: He’s ready to tell the world where he is, emotionally and musically. “Everyone else communicates with words. I can’t. I use music.” says Johns and what we have here is an amalgamation of rich and electro pop and lush R&B grooves. Case in point: “Cool On Fire,” which does more than just communicate: it’s redefining Johns and everything we’ve come to think of and expect from him. Change is inevitable and change is good and props to Johns for flipping his own script just because he can.

The Where: Stay engaged and up to date on Daniel Johns via his official website, Facebook page and at @DanielJohnsHQ on Twitter.