“Down South” (ft. Motheo Moleko) By Jeremy Loops

The Who: Jeremy Loops (Cape Town, South Africa)

The What: Jeremy’s debut album, Trading Change, is due out August 11th. Now while you may not be particularly familiar with the guy, rest assured he’s made a name for himself back home in his native South Africa as a festival headliner, the owner of #1 singles and a passionate activist and protector of the Earth. Call him a modern folk-ster, a social troubadour or a conscious balladeer: by any label or name, Jeremy speaks and sings from his place of truth, wanderlust, purpose and love. Directed by Jeremy himself, “Down South” features Cape Town rapper Motheo Moleko, takes you through several joyous days in the life of Loops and is a soul-warming dose of affirmation and sunshine. With hip hop straddling it’s folk and rock lines, “Down South” blooms into, not just another good time, sing-a-long, but an exultation of life. Can you feel it? Yeah we do, too.

The Where: Jeremy’s US tour is currently underway and runs through June. He may be a  moving musical target but you can always keep up with him at his official web site, on Facebook or at @JeremyLoops on Twitter. And while you’re at it, dig into Motheo Moleko, as well!