Follow Your Gut by Rob Knight with Brendan Butler

Follow Your Gut | Author: Rob Knight (with Brendan Butler) | Rating: 10/11

Released: April 7, 2015

Have you ever wondered why two seemingly similar people can be predisposed to such different conditions? Do you know someone that can’t seem to avoid being attacked by mosquitoes the moment that they step outside? Why do some people have food sensitivities, even when their parents do not?

We’ve all heard of genes and understand the way that they contribute to who we are, but what do you know about microbes? Follow Your Gut explores the more than ten trillion microbes that make up the human body that help explain the wide variations between us all. Microbes contribute to traits both physical and emotional – from our weight, to our susceptibility to illness, to our anxiety levels and more. Whereas our genetic similarities as humans is 99.99%, our microbial similarities are as low as 10% allowing more room for vast differences amongst a seemingly similar population.

A fantastic read for anyone interested in their health and the evolution of both medicine and holistic healing in the future. Not only is the information in Follow Your Gut fascinating and eye-opening, the ways in which this information could potentially be used in the future for disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment are phenomenal. Author Rob Knight is also the co-founder of the American Gut project, which continues to study microbes from his lab in San Diego.