“Lay Me Down” By Down And Outlaws

The Who: Down and Outlaws (San Francisco, CA)

The What: Taking the theory, “If you want something done right, do it yourself.” to an unusual length, we find San Francisco rockers, Down and Outlaws, taking matters into their own hand. “Lay Me Down” is the first single from their soon to be released debut album, Above Snakes (recorded at famed 606 Studios), and brothers Peter and Chris Danzig, Kyle Luck and Jon Carr have dug their own graves. Literally. Pick axes, shovels, a mysterious beauty in black and a band on a mission, as directed by Dylan Ozanich, but it’s all metaphorical as you can’t keep a good band down for long and Down and Outlaws are nothing if not a damned good band. They draw on the basics of rock: rawness, blues, noisy guitars and percussive urgency. You know: the stuff that gets the blood moving. Top it off with the ability to deliver those goods on stage with performances that are often described as “blistering,” we highly recommend that you keep your ears on Down and Outlaws.

The Where: To assist you in keeping tabs on Down and Outlaws, check out their official website, Facebook and tweet them like crazy at @DownandOutlaws on Twitter.